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  [Oneshot] (snippet bez tytułu)
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Xeniph Płeć:Mężczyzna

Dołączył: 23 Sty 2003
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PostWysłany: 12-09-2013, 23:24   [Oneshot] (snippet bez tytułu)

Następujący fragment nie jest częścią niczego konkretnego. Powstał pod wpływem impulsu i nie mam obecnie planów żeby rozwinąć go w coś większego. To powiedziawszy...

And so she lay there, her body too broken to move, too numb to feel any more pain. Her left eye would no longer open and the right had it's vision obscured by the blood trickling over it. But she could still make out the blurred contours of what used to be her home, now laying in ruins around her, and the silhouette of the monster that did this to her. It said something, but she could no longer hear it. All she could hear was ringing in her ears at first, then her own heartbeat and blood rushing through her veins. And then, in that rushing, she began to make out voices.

"What will happen to my family?" she wondered. And the voices answered:

"They will die."

She tried to ignore them and thought of her Rival-Turned-Friend and her Mentor, and the salvation they would bring when they finally arrive.

"They won't make it" the voices grew louder, "and when they come, the fall like you did." And then they showed her. And so she lay there, the voices whispering horrible truths and showing visions of the future. Among those visions were her family, dead and violated; her town, burned and bathed in blood; her allies, falling one after another to merciless foes. And a small girl, crouched under the table, crying tears of helplessness while her father struggled for his life in a hospital bed and her siblings sacrificed themselves to make ends meet.

"It looks like those hands are still too small to do anything" she thought, a regretful smile forming from her lips.

"BUT IT DOESN'T HAVE TO END THAT WAY" the voices said in unison. And then they showed her.

The Abyssal stepped closed, readying for the killing blow. The warrior-child fought fiercely, which made him savor the sight of her broken body all the more. But it was time to end this. As he raised his Goremaul, the child twitched, then choked, then started rising from the ground, unnaturally, through broken limbs which snapped back into place, wounds sealing themselves under torn clothing, while living shadows slithered around her body like serpents.

He knew those shadows, oh, he knew them all too well. That's why he released his weapon and opened his arms to welcome his new sister. His masters have chosen a new Champion and it was a fine choice indeed! But then, then satisfaction on his face turning into uneasiness, as the newborn Abyssal's gaze met his own.

The symbol of a black sun flaring on her forehead, she raised the shattered remains of her staff. She channeled her Essence through it to reform it. And reform it did, but it was now different, it was warped. The metal lost it's golden sheen, and the soothing light that once formed it's wings was replaced by cold flames. And where the central, bright red gem was, a single eye now opened.

With sadness in her now-red eyes, the creature that was once Nanoha Takamachi erased the Poet of Falling Tears from existence.

When Yuuno and Fate finally arrived at the scene, their eyes haunted with the carnage they witnessed on their way, she was no longer there. She would not show herself to them, not after what she's become...

...The woman placed her hand on her shoulder. "But I can teach you" she told her, "I can make all of this make sense." And the girl nodded. The woman smiled. "Then come with me, my little Shoat of the Mire", she said and took her hand.

They both left into the darkness.
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